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New user? Sign up now! Innovative Photo-Editing Software with Web-based Approach

Free Web-based Photo-Editing Application Allows Anyone to Quickly and Easily Edit and Share Photos via the Web today announced a free public beta of the completely Web-based photo editing and sharing application to give users everywhere the ability to quickly and easily edit, enhance, share and print all of their photos from any Internet browser. iPiccy's innovative, Web-based approach lets consumers avoid the problems associated with traditional, retail photo-editing software. Now consumers can avoid the expensive price, thick manuals, upgrade hassles, platform compatibility issues, and lack of Web integration that comes with a boxed product.

iPiccy provides new, easy-to-use tools for modifying pictures, using advanced image processing. iPiccy offers the easiest user interface and workflow of any photo editing application, allowing users to easily pull images from any Web site or file folder. iPiccy includes an extensive variety of easy Web-based photo-editing tools such as Auto-fix, Rotate, Crop, Resize and Color adjustment and Sharpen - all in one place and in real-time. In addition, iPiccy can also be used to turn photos into creative masterpieces, with clever special effects like Liquify, painter, vignette, pencils, and many more. works flawlessly in any Web browser and is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. And since iPiccy lives on the Web, it is constantly evolving as new image-editing technology is developed and the needs of the user base change.

In addition to the wide variety of standard editing tools available, the also includes more then 30 creative tools including basic effects such as Sepia, Black and White, Color tint, Bloom, and Cross process; advanced effects such as Unsharp Mask, Local Contrast, Image equaluzer plus an assortment of borders and frame shapes. In addition iPiccy have advanced built-in painter and text editor.

"We wanted to make photo editing online really easy and interesting", said Alex Bespechny, iPiccy founder.

iPiccy is a next-generation, Web-based photo application that will change the way you think about photo-editing software. iPiccy allows anyone to quickly and easily edit and share their photo memories from any Internet connection.

iPiccy is accessible to everyone with Internet access because it lives in the browser and not on your hard drive. That means everyone has access to photo-editing power tools through any browser.

To experience true photo-editing journey, come and try it:

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