Collage Maker

Collage Maker

Remember your most significant moments

With 4 different styles of layouts and AT LEAST TWELVE different choices per layout, the options are truly infinite! iPiccy's Collage Maker provides you with the tools to easily create incredible online photo collages. All you have to do is upload your photos to our Collage Maker and select your layout, after that it's just a matter of dragging and dropping the pictures you've uploaded. With so many different layout styles to pick from, your collage can tell a story that is truly your own! So whatever your style may be, rest assured, we have exactly what you're looking for.
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Great Layouts for Collage Maker

With iPiccy's straightforward layout and intuitive editing tools. Everything is laid out for you the second you open collage maker. You don't have to go searching for hidden options in the menu, troubleshoot locations, or waste time learning unnecessary things. It's all straightforward and right to the point, and incredibly simple. Let's also not forget the fact that anything you make in Collage Maker can be saved and re-uploaded for regular editing to add numerous different iPiccy effects (text, filters, borders, and more!) and other fine tuning. You might say the sky is the limit, but even that may be underselling the abilities of iPiccy's Collage Maker.

Endless Collage Maker Options

iPiccy offers a bunch of different tools to enhance your pictures and customize your collage. Change the background color, adjust the roundness and spacing, or move your photo around inside the picture slot. Combined this with the fact that we have so many different layouts, the possibilities are endless. Adjust the most small and minute details to your heart's content.

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How To Create A Collage In 3 Steps picture

How To Create A Collage In 3 Steps

Step 1. Upload your photos to iPiccy's Collage Maker
Step 2. Drop your photos in a layout that you selected
Step 3. Make whatever small adjustments you want, and save your collage! It's that easy.

Picture Collage Makers Represent Great Memories

Collages are great for remembering a significant period, commemorating an event, or creating a community feeling. It’s often why you see them at weddings, anniversaries, college brochures, camps, and community events in general. Or maybe you just want to make one for fun, there isn't any right or wrong reason to make a collage! Especially because they're so simple and easy to make in iPiccy Photo Editor!

Picture Collage Makers Represent Great Memories picture
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