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iPiccy Help > How to change or reset my password

How to change or reset your account password

If you know your current password
1. Open iPiccy Editor and login to you account (button at the top right corner of the editor)
2. Open your profile settings (button with your name in the top right corner)
3. Click on "Change password" link on the bottom of profile. If you don't have this link it means you have a Facebook account and don't need to change password at all (you login through your Facebook without a password)
If you forget your password
1. Click Reset password
2. Enter your account email address
3. You'll receive an email with password reset guide.
4. Open the link in the email to reset your password
5. Then go to iPiccy editor and login to your account with the new password from the email
6. Now you can change your password to the new one (see guide above)