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iPiccy Help > Flash and Safari problems

Flash and Safari

Flash and Safari don’t always work well together. There are a couple of ways for Safari to make Flash glitch out. Before we get to those, both Safari and Flash need to be updated (in that order). Don’t rely on having recently installed updated versions of Flash and Safari: new versions sometimes have updates right away, after bugs are discovered. If you’re having trouble loading your images in iPiccy, here are a few things you can try:

Update Safari

Make sure you have the latest version of Safari available to you. Currently Apple is only supporting Safari 9.1 and newer. To check your version, open the Safari menu and select “About Safari”.

Update Flash

If your Flash player is out of date, Safari will not load it. You must have the latest version of Flash available for your version of Safari. Updating Flash probably won’t help if you’ve skipped updating Safari.

Allow Flash and JavaScript to run

Safari has a security feature that gives you control over when websites are allowed to run Flash. iPiccy is a Flash app and if Flash can’t run, iPiccy can’t run. You can make a one-time change to this setting to allow iPiccy to launch Flash.

1. Launch Safari and go to
2. Open Safari > Preferences
3. Select the Security tab
4. Make sure “Enable JavaScript” is checked
5. Select “Plug-in Settings”
6. Set to “Allow” and click Done

Un-stop plugins

Safari has yet another way to thwart Flash. It’s a little checkbox that aims to prevent browser plugins from running under the pretense of saving power. This can disable Flash and typically this manifests in iPiccy as not being able to open images from the editor, or to close the editor and return to the homepage. To fix it:

1. Click the Advanced tab in Safari > Preferences
2. Uncheck “Stop plug - ins to save power”

Alternatively you can leave this option checked and add iPiccy to the list of exceptions by loading the editor and hovering the cursor near the top. You may see a “Safari Power Saver” banner prompting you to “Click to Start Flash Plug-in”. Clicking this is the only way to add iPiccy to the exceptions list for this feature. Doing this will take you back to the homepage (the editor must be relaunched before the setting takes effect).

Supported versions

Apple is pretty aggressive in pushing it’s customers to upgrade to the latest versions of OS X and Safari. Wikipedia offers a good summary of which combinations are currently supported by Apple. If your version shows up red on that page you may not be able to get Safari to work.

Try something else

If you are still having trouble please try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These browsers work pretty good with Flash and iPiccy and have much less problems.