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iPiccy Help > Flash and Chrome problems

Flash and Chrome

If our system detects you have blocked or disabled Flash player it will show the alert: enable 01
All you have to do is click the "Enable Flash" button to enable Flash on your Chrome browser. When a small box pops up with the message below, just click Allow.
enable 01
However, if you aren't getting that message at all, or are perhaps just seeing a blank white screen – here's what you can do.

As Chrome already has a built-in version of Flash, you can manually create an exception for a specific website URL. You need to re-enable it manually the next time you access the same site though – because it's disabled by default.

Step 1

Launch your Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/content in the address bar and hit Enter. When the Content Settings page loads, just scroll down and select the Flash tab. Or just open chrome://settings/content/flash

Step 2

Ensure the "Ask First" toggle is switched on (click on "Block sites from running Flash" to make it happen). This way, you'll receive the pop up message and be able to click Allow when you're loading iPiccy Editor.
enable 01

Step 3

Try to load iPiccy Editor again and hit the "Lock" on the search bar, right beside the URL. A drop-down menu will appear, and you'll want to click on Site Settings.
Site settings

Step 4

The site settings page will load, and you'll need to scroll down to where "Flash" is. Click on Allow. Done? You're all set! Just refresh the tab where you have iPiccy Editor on, and it should work for you.
Site settings