The Toolbox: Wrinkle Remover

The Toolbox is going to be a series of articles in which we go one by one discussing the tools available in iPiccy Photo Editor. We’ll talk about the strengths, weaknesses, and appropriate times to use these tools. Last time we talked about how the Teeth Whitener but today we’re talking about how to use the Wrinkle Remover. The wrinkle remover is an excellent tool to learn because wrinkles can pop up at such unseemly times. There are many ways to physically prevent wrinkles obviously, but we aren’t a skincare website! So the solution we’ll provide is how to edit out those pesky wrinkles. While you can completely remove wrinkles oftentimes, it is better just to soften them. As completely removing them from time to time looks unnatural. This is a judgement call for you to make though.



old-791360_1280-wrinkle remover

Wrinkles softened.

Convinced and ready to learn the Wrinkle Remover? It’s extremely easy to use our tool, so don’t worry if you’re not the most experienced photo editor!

How To Use The Wrinkle Remover

Accessing and using the wrinkle remover is ridiculously easy in iPiccy Photo Editor.

Step 1. Upload your photo to iPiccy Photo Editor
Step 2. Open the “Retouch Tab” which is the third tab at the top.
Step 3. Select the “Wrinkle Remover” and select your brush size, and apply as necessary. It is also important that you fade appropriately.
Step 4. Save your work. You’re done!

When To Use The Wrinkle Remover

Knowing when to use wrinkle remover is a matter of personal preference. That is a fairly common theme when it comes to using items in the retouch tab. If your intention is to capture a completely candid moment, maybe consider not using the wrinkle remover. However, if it’s a special moment that you think is ruined by a wrinkle, maybe you should use it. There are always going to be pros and cons to using any tool. It is completely up to the user whether or not they decide it is worth it to use the wrinkle remover. From a technical standpoint though, there is no wrinkle that can’t be cleaned up. Some wrinkles may take longer than others, and may take a bit more fine tuning and cleaning, but I assure you it can be done.

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