What is Photo Manipulation?

Photo Manipulation

The phrase “Photo Manipulation” has taken on a couple of different definitions. Originally, the phrase referred to what many would simply consider photo editing today. Photo Manipulation as defined by Wikipedia:

Photo manipulation involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Some photo manipulations are considered skillful artwork while others are frowned upon as unethical practices, especially when used to deceive the public, such as that used for political propagandizing, or to make a product or person look better.


However, it has shifted a bit in photo editing circles of today. You might say it’s a bit of slang but photo manipulations or “manips” are usually referring to moving subjects into other images or just adding more supernatural elements to a photo. So things like putting a face on another body, giving graphical powers to a person, or changing their size. There are many things that would qualify as a manipulation. When I think of photo manipulations though, it’s more of the crazier and more extraordinary edits.




The fantastical and extravagant photo edits that I think of when people talk about photo manipulation. A graphic designer who is fairly famous for his photo manipulating skills is BossLogic. Famous for good reason as well. Known well for creating manipulations of popular fancasting (actors in roles that people would like to see). He does a lot of incredible work with using comic books proportions and costumes as a base. Afterwards adding a famous face to the character, and streamlines/smooths out the design to make a great looking fan cast.

I’d say it’s time for you to go off and try to make some of your own photo manipulations/manips! I would like to reiterate though, that referring to more fantastical and quirky edits as photo manipulations/manips is more of a personal choice/slang. This is because TECHNICALLY photo manipulation just refers to the practice of photo editing in general.

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