Welcome The New iPiccy!

Quick FAQ:

  • Where is the Painter?  Reload iPiccy website! We’ve recently updated iPiccy and returned Painter.
  • Before asking questions, please RELOAD iPiccy website. We’re constantly updating iPiccy with fixes, based on complaints.
  • Can you return the old version? Unfortunately we can’t. Try to explore the new one a little bit (you’ll get used to it very fast, I promise) and if you still have problems write a comment below or contact us. We are constantly fixing things based on feedback. Let’s make iPiccy great together!
  • How to set design width/height/background color?  Click on “Create a design” button on home page then click “New” menu item at the top of the app.

We’ve released a new completely redesigned iPiccy. There are a lot of changes not only in look and feel but numerous bug fixes, improvements and optimizations.

Photo Editor

  • Switch modes: Editor, Collage and Designer modes on the left top corner of the app
  • Light and Dark themes
  • Open menu, where you can open you image from My Computer,  URL or Webcam
  • New Zoom tool for easy zooming and navigation.


  • Edit (flip, rotate, resize) images in collage
  • Save collage as image right here
  • Drag the double lines in order to resize collage vertically or horizontally


  • New awesome text effects (Stroke, Bevel, Shadow, Gradient fill and Background)
  • Use your Local fonts 
  • Save your design instantly as image

And much more! You definitely want to try them all!


  • Toni Becker

    So, you can only upload one image at a time now?

    • Toni Becker


    • Alex

      No, you still can do it my clicking on “Open” menu then Local Storage option.

  • Mary Sullivan Frasier

    Are you considering creating an iPiccy app for Android? It would be awesome if you did!

  • Shannon Rose O’Shea

    Numerous problems with the new Ipiccy. Several error messages. Unable to save to Dropbox. Not happy…please bring back old Ipiccy. If it ain’t broke, don’t break it.

    • There is no saving to Dropbox in the old version as well.
      What other problem you’ve got? Let’s do it in constructive way, if you don’t mind.

      • Shannon Rose O’Shea

        I saved hundreds of photos to Dropbox with the old version. As I said, I received several error messages as I attempted to edit my photo. It would not let me enhance color, for one. I used Ipiccy to add my name to my photo in the past, but was unable to do so with the new version. I used Ribbet instead. I am so disappointed with the new Ipiccy. I used to LOVE it and recommended it to all my friends. I never ever had a problem with the old Ipiccy. It was a snap to use and never encountered an error message.

        • You probably used another editor as old version was without Dropbox integration for sure.

          You can easily add your name as in old version by clicking on tab with “T”+heart icon. This is the same tab as Blender was. Then click on add text button on the top of app.

          What color tool was show you an error?

          • Shannon Rose O’Shea

            I’ve never used another editor. I used Ipiccy and put all my edited photos in Dropbox. I tried to use ENHANCE and got an error message.

          • Strange, but we don’t have such tool.. can you show me a screenshot of iPiccy with this tool?

          • Shannon Rose O’Shea

            My mistake…it was called VIBRANCE. I just went into Ipiccy and tried it again and it worked without an error. I also was able to add my photo to Dropbox. Problem solved. Thanks.

          • Great, let us know if have more questions. We are carefully listening to all feedbacks and working on fixes right now.

          • Zachariah Kirill Childers

            Honestly I never used any other editor, but I’m definitely finding a new one.

          • Melina

            me too… this new version is not good

  • Sher

    I love that I can now use my own fonts from my computer!!! . . . AWESOME!! . . . change is GOOOOOOD!!!

    • Thank you for the feedback! Happy editing, Sher!

  • Sher

    curious . . . I have uploaded a 3.48 MB photo, and then without making any changes/edits I have tried to save it in the “highest” quality . . . but it is only being saved as a 2 MB file . . . is there a reason for the loss??

    • Don’t worry about that, as your original photo is UNoptimized and our algorithms uses nice optimizations. So you won’t find any difference between two photos in quality but size will be lower after iPiccy. Isn’t it great?

  • Sam

    One problem, I am unable to stretch fonts vertically or horizontally, I can only scale up the entire text.

    • We are working on it. Will fix in the next update

      • Sam

        Thanks for replying so quickly, love the new update!

  • Zachariah Kirill Childers


  • Aurélien Maillot

    Where is the painter module in the new Ipiccy?

    • Will be available again the the next updates. Thanks for your patience.

  • Aleš Borovan

    the new ipiccy is terrible!!!! it is realy horror…really worse then the old one..can you bring back the old ipiccy???please please… or i can pay for the old version…

  • Aleš Borovan

    where is my old good ipiccy? in new version i cant change size/number of size of the picture… the new ipiccy is realy bad work!

    • Are talking about resizing tool? If so we’ll fix it in the next updates. What else do you have problems with?

      • Aleš Borovan

        no i am not talking about resizing tool.. i want save my old ipiccy i could change size of the photo (300 kB or 320 kB od 450 kB whatever) new ipiccy i can choose only from three options: normal – high – highest…. so it is really stupid..sorry you did reallybad work…please could you bring old ipiccy back???!

        • We’ll add the ability to set specific JPG size option in the next updates.
          What else you don’t like? More specific things you can point at the faster we’ll make it better for you,

          • Aleš Borovan

            a lot of things: for example in Resize Image I miss the cursor simply changing the size of photo…. sorry for my disaponting..but why change something what is good (´= old ipiccy)??

          • Ales, we won’t return the old version. So let’s make the new one much more comfortable for you. Resize sliders will return later today or tomorrow along with many other fixes we are doing right now. So help us and tell what else you don’t like.

  • Aleš Borovan

    Hi, do you anybody know another photo editor as good as old ipiccy? thanks…

  • Melina

    Why? why change it in the first place??? This WAS the best editor ever… It was so easy to modify my pictures and now? I’ve been trying to add a text on a picture for the past 30 min.
    Once you add the text and save it, you just can’t modify it … please fix this. It was way better before… you could move your text around , add a new one after that, without having to go back. Plus, I’m trying to place a sticker but it won’t move from the center of the pic.
    Ok, you upgraded this editor, but I think you just made it harder to operate..

    • What makes you difficult to add another text after the first one? And what did you mean by “it won’t move from the center of the pic”? Can you give me more details so I can help you or ask dev team to look into this issue?

      • Melina

        Hello 🙂 I’ll try to explain (it’s not easy to express myself in english)
        In the previous edition of this editor, you added a text without having to save it, then, if you wanted to add another one you just did plus you could move-continue editing-etc the first one.
        Stickers. I clicked a sticker heart, so it was added to my picture, but it just stayed there, right in the center of the pic. I couldn’t move it to place it where I wanted!
        I’m really freaking out cause this was the only helpful editor I’ve ever tried! I use it to fix my nail art pictures (I’m a nail technician)

        • Actually nothing changed in your two cases since the old version. And if you have troubles it means it’s a bug or you’re doing something wrong. So, let’s assume we want to add sticker:
          1. You click on heart and it appears on the canvas.
          2. Then you click on it with your left mouse button on canvas in order to select it. A frame with control points will appear around it.
          3. Now you can change sticker size by drag (with left mouse button) those control points or move sticker dragging from it’s center.

          In what step you have the problem? Is it possible you can make a short video of your process to show me how it works for you?

          • Melina

            well, I tried the same steps as yours, watching your video.
            I put the first text, then put another one. In the previous version, I could click on the first one and drag it or change the size etc. To do so now, I must click a few times back, and by doing so, I erase the second text.
            You clicked the heart and appeared on the canvas, and then clicked on it to make it either bigger, smaller or move it around. When I clicked on it, it just stayed there. No frame with control points. I used the editor 2 days ago and had no problem with any of these things! And I’ve been using it for a very long time.. :/
            I have no idea how to send you a video :'(

          • I’ve made a video with this tool.

            If you sign in there (it’s free) you can upload you video to their servers and send me a link. Thank you in advance!

          • Melina

            ok!! Let me try later on tonight and I’ll get back to you !! thank you so much for the support

          • Great, thanks you!

          • Melina

            Hello again! Can’t use the screencast-o-matic :/ maybe I don’t know how

          • No problem. I have one idea so help me clarify it.

            If you make your sticker pretty small you can’t move over the mouse where it shows “move” icon (arrows in all four sides)? So if you zoom in a canvas (to make sticker big enough) or make sticker large can you move it now?

            Is it your case?

          • We’ve just made an update. Reload iPiccy site and try to move stickers once again. Come back with results, please.

          • Melina

            still the same… my laptop is ok by the way ..

          • In this case I would ask you to try making a video one more time. Here is a little guide in how to do that

          • Melina
          • There is somewhere on the screen should appear some sort of prompt with “Allow” button. Do you see it? they are waiting for you to click on “Allow”.

            What browser are you using?

          • Melina

            nothing on my screen ! I’m using opera

          • It’s very strange. Maybe you can record the process with your smartphone then send the video to [email protected] I really want to help you but it’s hard to understand the problem without seeing it..

          • Melina

            I know you want to help and I’m grateful!!! I’ll try to do it tonight, if not, tomorrow you’ll have your video! Thank you so so so much

          • Melina

            ok…!! I think I found it!!! wait

          • Melina
          • Thank you for the video. It’s very strange problem I must say. Is it happens with stickers only or with added text and images?

            Maybe it’s some of your browser extension.. can you test it in another browser? (Chrome is the best )

          • Melina

            I’ll do so tomorrow and get back to you !!!

          • Melina

            hello again!! well… still the same issue. I also tried to move the text as you aksed but I have the same problem. I cannot move it around to adjust it. I really like this editor and don’t want to quit and find another.. 🙁

          • Could you please contacts us here
            And remind there your problem, please.

          • Melina

            do I have to mention all issues all over again?!

          • No, just write to us and tell something so I understand it’s you. Tell that you can’t move stickers.

          • Melina

            I just did

        • See how I do it.
          Can you do the same? If not – where do you have problems?

    • Sandy Thompson

      I agree.

  • Chris Davidson

    In the old ipiccy I tried to add watermark,Followed instructions,Never could get it to work! Has this been improved on the new version,I only ever want watermarks on photos added to public groups,not closed ones so don’t really want to have to pay for an edit that won’t often be used,

    • What do you mean by “Watermark”? Could you please better explain the problem?

      • Chris Davidson

        In the instructions it said to hover over the ipiccy logo and move to photo to add mark,It never worked for me,

        • Can you send me a link to instruction? After update the instruction could be inaccurate (which we’ll fix)

  • bilal butt

    Please Return the this old version, this version is not interested and this new version work to internet so please Return old ipiccy version i am old user i hope you understand ..Thankyou

    • Let me know what specific problems do you have with new version and I’ll help you

      • bilal butt

        new version is internet user but old not use internet so please retun old ipiccy

  • bilal butt

    plaese change version

  • Bree

    When will the paint tools be available again? 🙂
    Thanks! 🙂

    • In a week or earlier. We are fixing it right now

  • Antionette

    Help please everytime when I want to save my photo I get a pop up message what say sorry something went wrong

  • nora giglio

    When I save a photo, I can’t upload it online with the error message “images must be jpg or png” which according to ipiccy it is, but it is obviously not being recognized as such.

  • RobinSandza

    Where is the Bloom option now?

    • Look for “Radiance” on the same place as Bloom was. We’ll return the old name in the next update.

      • RobinSandza

        Oh thank you! ♥ 😀

  • Allison Gordon

    I’m no longer seeing the option to make the background invisible under the “Design” section nor do I see a way to size it anymore. Features I used daily in editing photos for my Ebay items. 🙁 Missing the paint feature terribly, too.

      • Allison Gordon

        Thanks for the super fast response. I see that the issue now is that because I keep a window open with ipiccy almost constantly I am rarely at that front page. One more question. I don’t see an option to save the design and continue editing before actually saving it to my computer. Sorry if I’m just totally overlooking it. Not very caffienated yet this morning. 😛

        • What do you mean by save design (and continue editing)? Could you please explain better?

          • Allison Gordon

            Yes just like with collage, paint or layers when you finish in that section there was a button to save the changes you made with that certain feature and then it would return you to the main editor where you could make other changes of needed before saving to your computer. I don’t see the ability to do that anymore.

          • Got it. We’ll add this in the next update. Meanwhile you can do that in designer mode (not in editor). Just click on “Create a design” from homepage

          • Allison Gordon

            Thanks! Change is always hard when you’re used to a certain interface but things must change to grow. Delicate balance at play there! Thanks for being incredibly proactive in answering questions. It makes the transition a bit less frustrating!

  • Deborah Graver

    Are there instructions on how to get rid of the background in a photo? When I get close to the edge of the image I want to keep, it erases part of the photo.

  • Aldé Dumas

    Because of the “photo library” and the “open” and “save” icons at the top of the screen, I’m unable to edit the top of my picture. Is there a way to make these buttons disappear?

    • Not right now. We’ll fix it in the next update. Thank you for pointing this out!

    • We’ve released an update with fixes. Reload iPiccy site and you’ll be able to edit photo edges without a problem.

  • nora giglio

    So I made my own design. I wanted to put a border around it so I saved it and opened it up again in the edit program. I put the border around it and when I go to save it again (to my computer) it won’t save. Then I downloaded it, but the image is blank in my download program. It seems as though I can’t edit a photo twice and re-save it.

    • What browser do you have? We start receiving the messages about saving problems today, but still can’t figure out why it happens

      • nora giglio

        google chrome

        • Is it happens every time or it was once? I’m trying to reproduce the problem on my side in order to fix it but I can’t. Maybe you did something special this time before saving?

          Did you saved as JPG or PNG? Did you name the file in some unusual way?

          • nora giglio

            happens every time. I saved it as both to see it it makes a difference. I did not name it at all. Should I rename it?

          • nora giglio

            OHHHHHH..if I save it with a new name it works!!

          • What name did you save it before? Give it to me, please, so we can fix it in future

          • nora giglio

            I didn’t name it…I just used the default (the date) that came up. Apparently it won’t save with the same name as it did in the old version.

          • nora giglio

            thanks for your quick replies and concern.

          • Could you please send us your original file with that date name here
            And tell how to save it (JPG or PNG, and what quality, for specific reproduce)

            We’ll test it on our side and fix for other people with the same issues.

          • Please send us your original file with that date name here
            We’ll test it on our side

  • Martin Harbourne

    Hi I am unable to use “vibrance” button so far. any ideas?

    • What the problem do you have with it? Are you seeing some message or so?

      • Martin Harbourne

        yes, something about GPU filters which I don’t understand.
        It is also asking me to “Whitelist” this app because I have an ad blocker.Again, how would I do this? Cheers

        • First of all, reload iPiccy website completely, as we already fixed “GPU” thing and it should work for you now.

          If you’re using Chrome browser it’s an icon (a red shield or sign with “ABP” or “hand” or somethign like this) in the top right corner of your browser. Click on it and find the option to not block ads on this domain (it depends on what ad-block extension you’re using). Thank you!

          • Martin Harbourne

            Thanks a lot guys, That is all working now. Love this site, happy with new format. Keep up the good work….Sorry, PS. Sometimes I like to zoom in for a close -up of a pic but so far have been unable to save it, keeps returning to original. Many thanks.

          • Could you please better explain the issue with zooming and saving images? Or what should I do to reproduce it on my side?

          • Martin Harbourne

            when editing a photo at the bottom of the frame there is a zoom line with plus or minus. You can blow up the image and concentrate on a particular area of the image, or just enlarge it. Of course you lose parts of the edges , sky, eartth, water whatever but you get a magnified image.However, I am not able to save it, it returns to it’s normal size.

  • Jean Kilpatrick

    I can’t select where to save my photos now and can’t find the saved versions. This only changed yesterday or the day before. Help anyone! Or will have to find ne photo editor. Need these pics before 11pm. Thanks!

    • So, what happens when you click on Save menu (top of the app) then “My computer”? Does it work for you? If no – explain what happens so we can help you

  • Sandy Thompson

    Where is the airbrush and other effects now?

  • zynbbb

    i’m loving the new look and new features. just waiting for paint to return and it’ll be perfects. great job!

    • Thank you! We’ll return it soon 🙂

    • Painter is back! Reload iPiccy website and try it!

  • Laura Householder

    Please advise, While attempting to add a new photo it is cutting it in half. The top portion is visible the bottom completely gone. No matter how many times i try to re add it or reboot the program or computer. Thank you in advance

  • Kimberly Stanley

    Why are my images compressed more now. My 13 mp pictures end up being 3 mp.

    • Will fix it in the next update in a day or two.

      • Kimberly Stanley

        I sure hope so. 🙂

        • Reload iPiccy website and you’ll get what you’ve asked for 🙂

          • Sher

            Oh thank You!! . . . I was also very concerned about this!!

  • Wayne Bobzin

    Is there a way to set defaults, such as font color? It is currently blue, which I never use and I have to go throuth the process of selecting my preference each time.
    ALSO, when I copy and paste text into the font/text function I cannot simply copy and paste via mouse, I have to use Control+C and Control+V. Is there another way?

    • Yes, it’s a bug. We’ll try to fix it in the next updates. Meanwhile in order to use your mouse while Copy/Past – click on arrows icon in the right top corner of editing filed. In that expanded mode mouse works fine.

      • Wayne Bobzin

        Thank you. It helps!
        Wanted to let you know that I believe your site is the best for photo editing, etc. At least for novices like me. Don’t know about professional sites, which I am sure are not free.

  • Emanuela

    I can’t close the saved photo . There is not the x on the right corner . It’s only a my problem?

    • You are currently in designer mode inside editor. Click “Apply” or select another tab and you’ll see close button.

      We’ll try to make it more clear in the next updates.

      • Emanuela

        Thank you!

  • Louise Winnie

    When I want to add text to a picture and make the font size very large to make a title page or large caption, the text box on the right side cuts off the letters on the right of my captions (when using the center text feature) as I use the mouse to pull the corner of the text box larger. The old version did not cut anything off as I would make my text very large in the text box. Could you please correct this. Thank you!

  • Louise Winnie

    Regarding my comment below that I just sent, I tried this again using your ipiccy online font selection that you provide, and the text box works fine to enlarge it very large with those ipiccy fonts. It is just cutting off the right side of the large text when I choose fonts in the “LOCAL” fonts selection.

    • It would be helpful if you send us a screenshot of iPiccy with text problem inside so I better understand what is about.

      • Louise Winnie

        Okay, I just sent a reply at that link above and attached a screen shot JPG image. Thank you.

  • J’Rome Brown

    I don’t see the paint option to use different pencils and change the type of design for that where you can also manually make boxes and fill them in.

  • Carmen Velčić

    Hi there. I use iPiccy daily and now I have a problem with text enlargement. Before I could change in width and height and now only the complete box. I am sure that many of us would like to have back the old system with the possibility to change the complete box, width and height. Thank you for an answer 🙂

    • Try to reload iPiccy, we’ve update it with this fix yesterday.

  • Victoria Rosette

    hi, i try to use liquify but it dosnt work :/

    • What exactly doesn’t work for you in Liquify? Give me more details in order to help you.

      • Tom Payton

        Liquify was always a little tricky. Even once you understand how it works it can take some practice.

  • Joel Mille-vinelli

    I want to zoom in on a picture and save it. Is that possible with this program?

    • Tom Payton

      That would have been the simplest of simple tasks on the previous version of this editor, and I’m sure they didn’t remove those features required to achieve that effect.

    • Use resize tool in the first tab. it should do what you want.

  • mip

    why is it that the shockwave flash keeps crashing? (only when I use iPiccy)

  • Tom Payton

    Dammit. I apologize to the powers that be over my bad attitude towards these radical changes. Truth is… there is no other editor that does all that this one does while allowing you to keep all of your own creativity and really let your inner arteest shine. Every other editor comes up short, even the ones that trade you your money for their inferior product. I honestly rely on iPiccy for all of my imaging needs. I have to.

    • TruthBTold

      I agree, I hate the new one, it at least should have an option button to use the other on. It is hard to see and the mouse does not move the arrows right. I use it every day and now have to go elsewhere. Big thumbs down.

      • What do you mean by “mouse does not move the arrows right”? Can you explain better this issue?

        • TruthBTold

          For example, to sharpen, crop or resize when you click the arrow to move it over it does not want to do it without more than 2 tries.

          • What arrows? Can you make a screenshot and show those arrows on it? I really cant’ get it..

          • TruthBTold

            I just sent it to you.

          • TruthBTold

            I meant when I move my mouse to slide the button to move it (blue button) my arrow that slides it won’t.

          • Is the problem a “small” slider so you can’t easily target it? Or is it “physically” doesn’t move the first time?

          • TruthBTold

            Physically does not move.

          • It sounds like very unusual problem. If yo can make a video with demonstration It would help. Here is how:

          • TruthBTold

            Dragging was the problem, it’s ok I found more, pi zap works fine. Thanks.

      • Tom Payton

        Man… To be honest, I’ve barely wet my feet in the new editor. I have used iPiccy almost daily as well, sworn by it, ranted about it, etc… After about 5 min on the new editor I was NOT happy- (and I saved no screen shots) and I swore I would go elsewhere too. Uh… where? I waded through the editors I have both installed and online, and they ALL seem to suck- they want to reduce your size and quality, or add their watermark, or don’t have the features you want; that you’ve trained yourself here how to use, or they have preset features and filters, or worst of all, features you can’t use until you somehow magically “unlock” them. iPiccy could use a few tweaks for sure, but unless you want to part with some cash AND go through another learning curve, there is no where else to go. They didn’t need to pull the rug out from under us though, that was a move lacking loyalty. So I ate some crow, will embrace the change and keep my eye open. Sorry for the rant, but thanks for letting me vent.

        • Tom, if you give me a list of things you most dislike in the new iPiccy or you have problems with, I’m sure we can figure all out or just fix them (as we’re doing several days in a row with daily updates, so refresh website often).

  • Chiq10

    Just wondering where my library of images has gone? Thanks 🙂

    • One of two options:
      1. You open iPiccy from different browser then before. Photos stored in the cache of your previous browser.
      2. You had big System or Browser updates which cleared your browser cache. Unfortunately in this case all your photos were erased.

  • John Blom

    I can’t sign in to use the tools

  • Colin Davidson

    The new layout is very similar to Picmockey which I never liked and I find the graphics of the new site not helpful to new users. For me it’s not to much of a problem because I’ve been using iPiccy since it started.
    The one feature that I can no longer use is “Vibrance ” I now keep getting a popup stating that my graphis card is too old. Thats strange because before the changes I used tha Vibrance feature on a daily basis. Have you a answer for this problem?

    • Reload iPiccy website, we’ve fixed this tool about two days ago.

  • Anne Soler

    I can not find painter ,what happen ?

    • Have you chance a read the top of this post (the first sentence)? 🙂

  • little archie

    Why can’t I move the text on designer? I try to move the text and pictures but it doesn’t work. Please, help!!!

  • RL

    My images are saving in pieces. For example: it will look as though the photo is saved as a whole, but when I upload it to my clients gallery, it is only a sliver of the photo that saved. I was editing photos due tonight for a wedding and went to upload after 5+ hours of editing to find them only half saved 🙁 I’m in soooo much hardship if we can’t fix this. PLEASE help asap! I’ve tried everything. Saved it anyway possible and even tried to resave from history. I can’t get those 5 plus hours back.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. Could you please contact us here and tell the same. We’ll try to help you.

      • RL

        Done. Thank you. Now nothing is saving. At all.

        • Kaylee Justine Bodine

          I keep having the same problem. Which is really upsetting considering I use this for my business. I spend hours and hours editing photos and when I go back to them after saving half of it is grey. I’m probably just going to stop using this editor all together. Everything is different and I can’t keep putting hours and hours into work to have this continue to happen. Bad for my business and very stressful for me. I’m glad I’m not the only one having this issue.

          • We’ll release an update tomorrow witch probably fix this issue.

          • Could you please try to save your problem image as PNG and send us results to ? (we can track and assist you there much better)

            Thank you for cooperation!

  • Kelli Bainbridge

    I really like the new layout of ipiccy, it makes editing so much easier and I have not noticed any crashing which happened alot with the old layout. Thank you!

  • Popescu Gilda

    Can you tell me why I don’t have acces to photo library? I can’t use the designer also. Why did you have to change it? It was very very good. What did you improve by doing this? Nobody is happy with this changes :((((((

    • Reload iPiccy website then click on “Photo library” button at the top of app.
      If you tell me another top 3 frustrations about the new version I’ll be happy to help you.

    • Anette Margaret Puskas

      Yes, please change it back. I loved the old one.

  • Jennifer Barnett

    I like the new layout. Used it last night and worked great! Thanks for all you all do! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Jeff Wiles

    With regard to the image SAVE function: Using the previous version of iPiccy compression quality was selected by percentage, like 95% for example. And now the compression quality selection is by choosing Normal, High, or Highest. Being that I always selected 95% compression with the previous version of iPiccy, really need to know which of the new options (Normal, High, or Highest) would be equivalent to the 95% compression quality available under the previous version? Answer soon please!

    • Please, reload iPiccy website. This was fixed a few days ago.

  • L.

    how can I put a picture in a picture?

    • Use designer tab. It’s a tab with layers icon on the left

  • Cup Da Noodle

    i like the old editor. It seems like you guys took out the background making. Where u can transparent squares. I use to make a lot of overlays….now i can’t anymore T_T

    • What transparent squares? Are you talking about the painter tab? We’ll return it in a two days or earlier

  • Mimoza Colak

    Where is texture tab?

    • The last one in tab list

  • Karolis Lusas

    I love it! 🙂

  • Tricia Owens Kenny

    Can we no longer upload groups of photos at a time?

    • Yes you can. Reload iPiccy website and click on “Photo library” button.

  • emathews

    how do you clear your uploaded pictures?

  • Kaylee Justine Bodine

    I like the new layout, however I just wish I could still make it full screen but it isn’t an option anymore. Made it easier for me to edit.

    • Reload iPiccy website and click on arrows icon in the bottom left corner of the app.

  • Andy Pilot

    Can we get an option like the old one that says “go back to library or continue editing”. It going back to a grey screen and then having to manually click back is annoying.

    • We’ll add this option. Thank you for suggestion!

  • Cathy Wills Wydner

    Like the new lay out, except ‘photo library’ ‘save’ etc. strip blocks photo.

    • Could you please explain what do you mean and what exactly you don’t like? Thanks!

      • Cathy Wills Wydner

        The small squares that say photo library, the save tab at the top of the page would be better at the side so they would not be over part of the picture I am working on.

        • You can drag your photo down in order to avoid menu covering. If you can’t – just reload iPiccy website.

  • Angel Imperial

    Hi there! I’ve been using this editing site for quite a few years now, and it has done me wonders for my illustrations! Also, I AM DIGGING the snazzy new look you guys added in! <3 (Even if it caught me off guard at first ^^)
    I even lost it when I discovered the layout's Light/Dark themes, it's amazing!~ 😀
    By the way, the "Fade" option for the Vignette needs to make a comeback! It just really makes Vigs easier to work with, in my opinion.

    • Thank you!
      In Vignette it’s a Strength slider. It works absolutely the same as Fade

  • Phuc Huynh

    How can I clear the photos after finish? Then add new photos for other page.

    • Brian Le

      If you want to clear all of them, clearing your cache and cookies will generally accomplish this. If you want to delete some of them you have to do it individually.

    • Open editor, click on photo library then on “clear” button at the top right corner of photo library

  • broascadilie

    I just love iPiccy, nomatter what layout they use

    • Brian Le


  • sbond09928

    I really like the new upgrade, however, I’ve been having problems with the TEXT feature…. today it’s not working at all…. just wanted to let you know…… Sharon

    • Could yo please describe better what problem did you have with text? The more information you give the better

      • Sher

        just an FYI . . . I am currently able to use my local fonts on Internet Explorer, but not on Chrome (I was able to use Chrome when new iPiccy was rolled out) . . . when I try Chrome now with my local fonts they can not be sized, but the online fonts work fine . . .


    Fortunately I have used iPiccy for many years, however I believe the upgrade will be difficult for new users to navigate.

    • Why do you think so? What parts in iPiccy will be the most difficult for new users?

  • Anette Margaret Puskas

    Can anyone help me? I type in and click edit..then it never loads. 🙁 Very frustrating. I have so much work to do and 4 days later I still can’t use this site anymore. I hate photoshop.
    Please help. Miss you Ipiccy.

  • Steve Lawrence

    The new layout is great, thanks. However, since May 25th, when I save my photos, my exif data disappears. Is there something I can do to prevent this?

    • Try to reload iPiccy website and save a photo with EXIF once again. Get back with results, please.

      • Steve Lawrence

        Thanks a billion, all seems to be working again :o)

  • Mike Crocker

    the scroll bar on the left-handed side doesn’t respond to the scroll button on most mouses, instead you have to manually drag it

    • 1. What browser and Operating System do you have?
      2. Are you using full screen mode?
      3. When did it happen?

  • Marisa Johns

    Everything looks cleaner, it’s always good for a new change, but I can’t help feeling like the quality of PNG photos have changed. I’ve uploaded a few on Tumblr since and my graphics for my blog look very choppy & the clarity of the image is reduced. Anything I can do?

    • Marisa, is it a case for PNGs only?
      Please, contact us here and send your final PNG file and original image there so we can look deeper into this. Thank you!

  • Johan Lombaaard

    Still cant find the Painter.

  • Laurah Mason

    I dont see an option for a transparent background when making a design

    • Click on New menu item at the top of designer

  • Can we no longer add text directly to the collage in collage editor? I recall being able to do that in the old one.

  • Erica Jayde Bustamante

    I am really liking the updates, however, I am not seeing the eraser button on certain items. For example, the curves, I am adding a mask, and want to erase part of the mask on the photo but the eraser button is missing. I get that I can revert, but the eraser button is much more convenient for me. 🙂

    • On curves click on little brush button at the top right corner of the Curves tool.

  • Vimppu シ

    I wonder if it’s working properly on my computer… Because it really doesn’t seem good at all. I don’t own a mouse, only using the mousepad, it might complicate things too. I like how in the old iPiccy it was no problem to be using mousepad only.
    When I try to crop a picture, it doesn’t let me zoom out and I can’t replace the crop either. So it just crops from every side equally, which is not what I want. I also can’t see the preview changing real-time. I hope it’s just bc of something in my computer. Because like this, I can’t use the editor at all.

  • Tina Scott Goldsberry

    I don’t like chrome, and I’m not happy that I can’t use my safari! i don’t understand why this new version can’t be supported by safari, i will be looking for other options to edit my photos.

    • Just update your Safari to the latest version and it will work fine.

      • Tina Scott Goldsberry

        if that is the case why does it tell you that it is no longer supported by safari?

        • It tells that specific Safari version is not supported as it outdated and don’t support many features we’ve added. The latest Safari has all those modern features inside.

  • Richard Surratt

    why so difficult to start with a SQUARE ?

    • What do you mean? If you give me more details about the problem you have I’ll be happy to help.

      • Richard Surratt

        got it now….just unfamiliar with newer site.

  • Angel.iOnline Louisa

    Love the new look of my favourite online editor, however Frustrations when it often just refreshes in the middle of editing and all I have done is lost.
    The history only remembers the last saved image so that doesn’t help to go back to where I was in the editing process..
    It happens in the following instances especially:
    When using the “compare” feature too many times in succession before accepting change in the editing feature.
    When using one feature eg “adjust threshold” and moving set buttons back and forth or comparing modes: darken, lighten, screen… etc. Almost like staying on one editing feature prompts a reload of the page.
    I have re-checked universal settings and Flash settings, and followed other tips on the site regarding flash.
    I have refreshed the site after doing so.
    I have rebooted my pc.
    Any other hints or help you can offer please?

    • It’s very unusual problem and if yo can easily reproduce it on your side I will be appreciated for the video with this process. Here is how to make it:

      Try to record the moment when iPiccy reloads and we’ll definitely look into it and try to fix ASAP. Please send a video to our contact form:

      • Angel.iOnline Louisa

        Thanks for the response. I saw in another answer you suggested the video option. I’ll try reproduce and also try look into my pc for other solutions re defrag etc.

  • Jameel Khan

    I usually add text to pictures. Why can’t I copy and paste text from one photo to another. Also, why can’t I upload a photo directly to designer rather than uploading to editor and then exporting to designer?

    • Please, clarify about copy/paste text between photos so I better understand you.

      As for designer – did you mean start from photo, not from a blank canvas?

      • Sher

        I agree with the copy/paste text query, it would be helpful if you could copy text from a poem online for example, and paste it in the text box without having to type it all out (avoids the possibilities of errors too! you know it is exactly copied as the original) . . . but even within iPiccy it would be a time saver being able to copy text and paste without needing to retype over and over . . .

  • Antionette

    I still cant use the program on my desktop ,still getting the message something is wrong ,on my daugther laptop the program works 100%,Can it be a setting ,please help.

  • Luke

    Being a YouTuber myself, I use Ipiccy for my thumbnails. how do you change the size of the pic?

    • Where would you like to change it? if in Designer – click on “NEW” menu at the top of the app

  • Michele Maglio Walsh

    How do you erase when editing small areas? There used to be an eraser tool on “local contrast.” Thanks

    • It’s still there. Click on a button with brush icon at the top right corner of Local contrast tool

  • Dianne Goode

    I can’t find borders/frames anywhere. Also I can’t find the face editor — blemishes etc. Are they gone forever??

    • Look at the left side of the iPiccy there are tabs with facial retouch and frames with corresponding icons.

  • Greg Ochs

    Where is the peeling paint option?

  • Boyan08

    When I add texture to photo with transparent background,the texture covers the whole picture and when I save it,It saves as white background not transparent

    • Try to save in PNG format, as JPG doesn’t preserve transparency.

  • Alex van Heeswyk

    Is the add bar at the bottom permanent? Do you have paid version to remove this? I rather pay than see stupid adds and the add bar is taking up room in my screen. Thanx

    • It’s not permanent. We’ll release a paid version soon where you’ll be able to turn it off.

  • Sandy Thompson

    When using the text feature it will not change into a different font…

  • Zoi Anna Maria

    Can’t I use the brush to apply an effect???

    • Can you clarify your question?

  • flapjac_k

    I love you iPiccy, thanks for you all 🙂

    • Thank you for using iPiccy! Happy editing 🙂

  • Brenda J. Burke

    where is layer?

    • If you mean layering photos, stickers and text:
      1. From the homepage click on “Create a design”
      2. In editor mode: click on tab with layers icon on the left

  • Syed Hamza Ali


  • Cathy Rudd

    Thank you for this wonderful sight! It’s absolutely the greatest!!!

  • Mary N Bob McCarty

    I cannot get it to load to start projects it says plug in will not load

  • Huey Mitchell

    Is there still a full screen setting?

    • Yes. Look for the button in the bottom left corner of the app

  • Shahenshah

    its really awesome pic maker ipiccy

  • Shahenshah

    i found some sticker ….

  • Sher

    Currently experiencing a glitch with mirror framing (on both Chrome & Internet Explorer) . . . when I try to expand the thickness of the frame it throws the image off center completely . . . thanx in advance!

  • PonFarrGirl Vulcnasty

    App keeps giving me popups

    • Can you clarify what popups and where? Screenshot would be helpful.

  • Arch Garcia Del Valle

    I’m In Love With The New Layout!!. But I Would Like To Know..To Make Face Book Cover With a Single Picture…Am I Able To? ‘Cause I Have Been Trying And It’s Only In Sections.

  • Stacey Carroll

    I don’t like the way you did your colors on the designer.. When I try and use red and black on the test form it always adds blue to the red.. How in the world do I get that off??

    • Please, explain better your problem or how we can reproduce it on our side. Video demonstration would be helpful as well:

  • Anna K

    wheres the eraser option?!

    • What do you mean by eraser option?

  • Mimoza Colak

    Where is texture tab????

    • The last one in tab list (on the left)

  • Tracy Kernaghan

    HI, i’m not very good at this but i used to be able to add a blue sky by changing the colour ( reducing the temperature) and then clicking on the paintbrush and going over the the parts i didn’t want to be blue. Please help with easy to follow instructions of how i should do it now. I also like to add clouds. Thankyou

  • Monto Gawe

    The TABS are sort of NOW YOU SEE, NOW YOU DON’T? Why? What should I do to make it permanent just like before? Thanks.

    • What and when tabs disappear for you?

      • Monto Gawe

        In the EDITOR tab, there are ICONS on the leftmost side that do not appear in the COLLAGE tab.

        Unlike before, one can still change the colors of the collage background. Now, I don’t know how…

        Thanks for the prompt reply.

  • Sue Greene Petkus

    Is there any way to remove the panel at the bottom with the ads on it? It’s really in the way and I don’t remember it being there before…

    • It was there before. You’ll be able to remove it with Premium subscription later.

    • Brian Le

      Also keep in mind free iPiccy only exists because of the money generated by ads!

  • Lesley Rosie

    Love iPiccy. 🙂 I have tried other Websites, but I always keep coming back to iPiccy as it does exactly what I want!! The editing tools are BRILLIANT and I can not fault it. However, I must say that in the New iPiccy I really do miss my images keeping their original date when I save my image from designer! This was possible in the old iPiiccy when I saved a JPG! Is this possible to get back pleace, as for me this is so important!
    Thank you <3

    • What do you mean by original date? Could you please clarify it a little bit?

      • Lesley Rosie

        Sorry. Yes of course 😉 When I save my image/photo from ‘designer’ the file changes its name to with ipiccy-design, and does not keep it’s orgianal IMG-number. After download the orginal date,(as in date taken) is not saved either. I could do this with the old iPiccy. I use to be able to look back on the image which I had designed with writing on and hover over it with curser and it would tell me:
        Item type:JPG, Date taken…….Rating, Dementions….. Size……
        but now it reads Item tye: JPG , Rating…….Dementions……Size……. (this only used to happen if I saved it as a PNG in old iPiccy-Istopped saving it in PNG for this reason)

        Hope I have explained it better 🙂

        Thank you 🙂

        • Thank you for explanation! We’ll fix that in the next updates 🙂

          • Lesley Rosie

            Thank you. 🙂 And thank you again for a brilliant Edit website 🙂

  • Thank you for this online editor, iPiccy! I’ve been using it since… last year? I really love it. It gives lots of options to make the image look better.

  • Chandra Rooney

    i cant load plugin flash is enable help

    • What browser do you have?

  • Chiq10

    I love iPiccy and the new layout but my old library is gone, is this permanent or can I retrieve it somehow? Thanks 🙂

    • If you click on Photo Library button at the top and don’t see your photos (and you open iPiccy from the browser you uploaded that library) then unfortunately they are gone. It can happen because of major browser or system updates. We warned about.

  • ashutosh kumar

    can you write in hindi on images. No, then what you change just the frame with new look and style. you are awesome but this one is a big problem with you. thanks.

  • Em Cee

    Pop Art. Where’s the cartoonized Pop Art photo effect? I need Pop Art…with the dots. Has it been moved…renamed…out for repairs…permanently discontinued? Please don’t take away my Pop Art. It’s all I got. (╯︵╰)

  • Stevie Watt

    hi why wont the undo buttons work anymore? and also why is there no option to copy colours?

    • Where undo button doesn’t work for you? And what did you mean by copy colors?

      • Nica Gordon

        The undo button does not work for me once I have downloaded the photo and want to go back and use that same again in a different way. Have not deleted but want to continue. I cannot continue anymore. Then when i delete and want to reload or reload a completely different photo, that does not work either and i have to refresh the whole thing or reload the whole of ipiccy. Why is this? I have used your wonderful program for a couple of years and never a problem. Such a pity.

  • Happy

    No option to change the background color on collages anymore?

    Never mind, I found where you can change the colors on the background. Man this is going to take some getting used to, but I’m liking it so far.

  • Alison Pidgeon

    First off, I love iPiccy, – I have one question and one suggestion maybe- the question, I like the old cartoon feature better, the new one gets to noisy, with dotted outline and sketch work like look at times. Is there a way to bring the old one back, maybe even with another name. To the suggestion, I do use the clone tool a lot, probably more than I should, but on the brush part is there a way to put a center point on it, like position point. At times it is hard to line things up without a center point. But other than those two things, you are the quickest, easiest and most fun site to use, and the pictures come out great, thank you. 🙂

    • Thank you for feedback and suggestions! It would be great if you can show me the same image with old cartoon effect and the new one so I can see the difference.
      For the clone and center point – great idea, I’ll pass it to our dev team.

  • Suzanne Jedrzejewski

    First, I would like to say, your new look is really great. I am so glad all the tools I have used are still here, along with some new ones.. I have been with you for about 2-3 years now! I do a lot of graphic art and when I do lettering, I copy and paste my quotes into the box…but now the copy and paste does not work with the lettering and I have to keep going back to my quotes because I can’t remember all of them..this gets kind of frustrating after a while..I thought it was my computer but I don’t have these problems with other sites..another difficulty I have with lettering is when I try to angle the words sideways and the tool does not ever get the words perfectly does not turn 1 or 2 degrees at a moves 5-10 degrees….but other than that, I love the new tools you added, the drop shadow, gradient fill….Thank you so much for this wonderful website!!

    • Sher

      I agree! . . . a copy/paste feature would make editing text much more user friendly!!

      • Suzanne Jedrzejewski

        It always worked before…it just stopped working with the site upgrade

  • Wow the new design looks lit af ,but still i miss the old one :p , be the way would you add new features ???? Ipiccy looks more professional .

  • I like the vast majority of the changes, but only being able to resize collages via dragging the bar is inconvenient. I need to get a specific width/height in pixels for images I work with…is there any chance you’ll be adding that feature back?

    Alternatively, does anyone have a workaround? Right now I’m getting the collages as close as I can, then shrinking them in Editor, but that last step adds a lot of work per pic.

    • Click on the second tab in collage mode to see it’s settings and sizes.

  • Brenda Power I have a Imac – when I click on Start Editing nothing comes up except the picture – can I not use it anymore? I can’t get past this page and I really need to edit pictures. Help!

    • What happens when you click on the button at the center of the screen (“Click to use Flash”)?

      • Brenda Power

        My son fixed it for me it – he cleared my cache and updated my flash. Thank goodness!


    Thank you very good

  • Kyl

    Hello! There are just some suggestions I’d like to add / bugs that have arisen and proven to be an issue for me.
    Firstly, a suggestion; under the Tools option, for “Rectangle” and “Ellipse” Tools, could you possibly add an option to make the shapes a set dimension? Like, making the Rectangle Tool form a perfect square, and the Ellipse Tool to form a perfect circle. I’ve been wanting to add a perfect square to edits, but it’s hard to get them exact, since they’re freestyles.
    And a bug for me, is when you go on Layers, and open Text, I don’t know how to load my own fonts. When I press “Local” when I open the font list, it takes away the white background of the list and shows the things behind the font list. I was wondering if you could help me with that.
    Other than that, I absolutely love the new update! You’re my favourite editor and I don’t think I’ll be changing anytime soon.

    Oh, PS; Can you add an option to edit gifs too?

  • 아테나 :)

    Can you change the dimensions in ‘designer’? If possible how? 😀

  • Connie Gurney

    Used to love Ipiccy, now can’t type in the new text box or delete what is already there….

  • Evangelina Djordjevic

    Hi! I love using this web site.. Im excited for the new layout.. Im still getting use to it. But I have a question. How do we delete our history? It’s not as easy as before, or maybe Im over looking something. Great job tho btw. Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Edwin Quinosa

    Where is the Pop-Art Effect? Can you get it back?


    This is the amazing application i have ever seen. it could be more cool if we can download this for pc . kindly do this as a next upgrade, thanks

  • Michael Potts

    The HDR does not seem to be as effective as in the previous edition.

  • Michael Potts

    The HDR isn`t as effective as the previous edition.

  • Daniel Ross

    My only problem with the new layout is when I use my own texture, the texture I upload is blurry from the original, ruining the image. This wasn’t the case for the old layout. Only the new one.

  • Randee Beckman

    Love Ipiccy but wanted to know is there an option to “save” your work, sign off and come back later to finish?

  • Rick Fritschy

    My menu bar is not there?

  • Sher

    have you stopped assisting with current problems? I’m not seeing any responses to recent questions??

    • Brian Le

      We’re certainly trying to respond, but we have a helpdesk that takes priority and is easier to notify us with problems.

  • Mark White

    Ho do I save a design to edit in the future?

  • Jessica Karkoff Wise

    why can we still not crop something into a circle???

  • Finally I got an best website for online photo editing. Do you have any apps/software ? I can’t found it anywhere, like play store, apps store.

  • Sally Hudson

    I just downloaded a new font. I restarted my browser and it shows up in the local font list but the font does not change when I choose the new font. What can I do to make it work? It is the font I use for my logo. I can’t use anything else to add my logo to pics.

  • Angela Boyd Slade

    I can not upload my pictures anymore to edit them. I click on the add picture, but the box will not pop up. I love this site. Please help if you can.

  • Stevie Watt

    is there an option to curve the text? ie like a rainbow shape?

    • I want that *so bad*.

  • One time, in the last year, I used an effect that allowed the “mirror/reflection” – as if below, we were looking in a puddle, you know? I don’t know where to find this, now… is there an instruction? 🙂