The Toolbox: Texture Tab

The Toolbox is going to be a series of articles in which we go one by one discussing the tools available in iPiccy Photo Editor. We’ll talk about the strengths, weaknesses, and appropriate times to use these tools. Last time we talked about the Face Slimmer Tools, today we’re talking about the Texture Tab. Textures have the ability to change your photo a lot, and in many ways are similar to photo effects. However, there are some very key differences that make the Textures Tab special.

Atop that list of special features, is the “Own Texture”. Essentially what this does is allow you to create your own texture, and if used correctly can create some really stellar pictures. While you can certainly give yourself fascinating textures, you can also make incredible and fantastic backgrounds.

How To Use The “Own Textures” Feature

The very first option in the Textures Tab is the “Own Texture”, it’s very simple as you choose your own picture and you can fade it as much as you want. However, using this feature and the Blender Tab can allow you to do some very cool things. To demonstrate, you can watch this video.

How To Use The Textures Tab

Step 1. Upload your photo to iPiccy Photo Editor
Step 2. Open the “Textures Tab” which is the seventh tab at the top.
Step 3. Select your chosen texture and adjust accordingly for your needs!
Step 4. Save your work. You’re done!

There are numerous different textures you can use for different feelings and messages. Let’s just start with a base photo and use multiple different textures, and discuss the message they might convey.

wrist-watch-183143_1280Texture wrist watch

A paper texture will give your photo a more classic feeling, and makes a photo feel old-fashioned.


This light texture is similar to a bokeh effect. It makes the photo feel surreal and a little bit like a dream.

These examples are but a small sample of the catalogs available to you in iPiccy Photo Editor. There are so many more textures available to you in our catalog. When you combine this with the fact that iPiccy provides you the ability to make your own textures, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re interested in writing a guest spot for iPiccy you can check out this guide. If you’re simply interested in submitting some of your work, contact us on any of our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest)   with a link to your work and a short blurb about yourself.