Support: How to make a video of the problem

How to make a video

In order to better understand what problem do you have and see how it works on your side we prepared a little guide on how to make a screencast.


1. Open iPiccy editor in any browser tab.

2. Go to in another tab and sign in. If you don’t have account – make one, it’s free and allows to use their cloud to upload final videos.

3. Click “Launch recorder” and follow the process. They run a little helper app in order to do the magic. Allow them to run it, It’s safe.

4. When it launched you’ll see a following frame on top of your screen.

5. Click on iPiccy tab. You’ll still see the frame. Resize it (drag white rectangles on frame sides) to cover iPiccy editor or all your screen.

6. Click on red “Rec” button and try to reproduce the problem in iPiccy. If you have a mic – you can also say something along the recording.

7. When your are done click on blue “PAUSE” button. Then click on “Done”

8. Select “Upload to Screencast-o-matic”. You need account to do that. Sign Up if you are still not.

9. Click “Publish”. Optionally, you can set the video Title

10. After publishing click “Copy link” and send this link to us


Thank you for cooperation!