Meet Retouch tools and other cool changes

iPiccy has been recently updated with new cool features, including retouch tools. Please, read carefully about all of them and leave your comments below.

Modified and updated tools

Straightening added1. Rotate & Flip

Rotate tool received better looking controls and Straightening feature.







Crop Picture2. Crop Picture

This tool received various templates for different kinds of avatars desktop wallpapers and special picture dimensions for popular web sites.

Added grid to selector for better orientation.

Tip: Use arrows button to flip width and height (some kind of rotation).





Black And White3. Black & White

Use advanced black & white feature to smart recolor your wonderful pictures.







4. Sepia

Received Sepia Tone color selector for advanced effect tuning.







New Tools

Location: Retouch tab > Skin section
Blemish Fix
Location: Retouch tab > Skin section
Shine Remover
Location: Retouch tab > Skin section
Wrinkle Remover
Location: Retouch tab > Skin section
Red Eye
Location: Retouch tab > Eyes section
Eye Bright
Location: Retouch tab > Eyes section
Location: Retouch tab > Eyes section
Teeth Whiten
Location: Retouch tab > Mouth section
Location: Retouch tab > The Rest section
Location: Editor tab > Basic section
Location: Editor tab > Color section


What will you see in the next updates?

We are going to work on other Retouch tools (Sunless Tan, Blush, Eye Color, Lip Color, Highlights, Dodge and Burn),  Levels, Curves,  area effects (Focal B&W, Fancy Focus, Focal Soften, Focal Pixelate, Focal Zoom ), some other popular Picnik effects, multiply file loading, collage creator and layering.

We are also going to speed up some tools (which are pretty slow with big images so far).

Please, leave your comments below (especially if something goes wrong).  We will check them often and will be able to fix the bugs (if you find any).


Meet retouch

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