The Toolbox: How To Make A Collage in iPiccy

The Toolbox is going to be a series of articles in which we go one by one discussing the tools available in iPiccy Photo Editor and we’ll talk about the strengths, weaknesses, and appropriate times to use these tools. Last time we talked about the Black and White Photo Effect, but today we’re talking about How To Make a Collage.

First things first though, let’s go over the steps of how to make a collage.

How to Make a Collage

1) Click Start Editing Now when you first open iPiccy.
2) Click Create a Collage and allow local storage (don’t worry this just makes the process of uploading multiple photos easier!)
3) Select your Spacing and Roudness, this is the space between the pictures you use, and the sharpness of the photo borders respectively.

How To Make A collage

Low Spacing and Roundness

Screenshot High Spacing_Rounding

Higher Spacing and Roundness

4) Select your Resolution/Proportions you can do this at the top left where it says Proportions. You can also select it at at the top middle where it says Custom Size. Your resolution will be based on where you plan on displaying the collage. If you’re looking to post it on Facebook, we have a guide for Facebook resolutions.

Screenshot 2015-12-29 13

5) Next upload your photos, by clicking the Add Images button at the top left. I suggest adding more than you need as you don’t know which ones will make the collage and which won’t.

Screenshot Add Images
6) Select your Layout and you’re ready to go. Keep in mind if you decide to have one square bigger than the other it’ll be seen as the one to emphasize.

Screenshot Layout
7) After that it’s as simple as dragging and dropping your photos in the slot that you want them in!

Screenshot Drag

Screenshot Drop

When to Make a Collage

So when should we make a collage? Collages are great for remembering a significant period, commemorating an event, or creating a community feeling. It’s often why you see them at weddings, anniversaries, college brochures, camps, and in some cases funerals.

Courtesy Jed Record

Courtesy: Jed Record, via flickr

Courtesy: Mike Tewkesbury, via flickr

Courtesy: Mike Tewkesbury, via flickr


It seems pretty obvious, at this point you’re itching to start making your own collages to honor memories, trips, first times, and community moments. So get to it and start editing!

If you’re interested in writing a guest spot for iPiccy you can check out this guide. If you’re simply interested in submitting some of your work, contact us on any of our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest)   with a link to your work and a short blurb about yourself.