Image Optimization Tools That Accelerate Your Site’s Performance

Today we have a guest post by Tom Hardy.


When attempting to boosting your site’s performance, people suggest different many different methods. Such as jump straight into a detailed analysis of each page including HTTP requests, redirects involved, scripts and style sheets. Although, these could be the solution, it is necessary to consider the basic possibilities first. Apart from considering these facets, there is another proven way to optimize a website which is image optimization.

We know that you have already chosen the appropriate format for the images you integrated to the website. You might have compressed the image by size to a minimum or maybe the JPEG quality has been reduced to make image fully compressed. Even after trying all these tactics, you may still not be able to completely compress the images. Online image optimization tools can help you reduce image size considerably.

A fast loading website increases conversion rates up to a great extent while a slow website decreases it greatly. By taking the assistance of elaborated image optimization tools, you can start increasing your website’s performance from today onward.

To reap the advantages, go through the recommended image optimization tools list:


Everything you want to do with your image to make it optimized can be done with features provided at Here, one can play with an image in different ways and make it awesome to present over the web. Designing, collage making and photo editing is also a part of image optimizing. To make all these easier, iPiccy has taken a step forward to provide better image optimization methods.

To edit an image, users can make use of crop, auto fix, exposure, hue & saturation features available in iPiccy Photo Editor.

For creating a collage to optimize image size, one can choose any layout from a variety of image display options.

In order to draft a design, iPiccy helps users make changes in their design and finalize a design which is made for users.

Tiny JPG

The next famous online image optimization tool is Tiny JPG which supports compression of both .png and .jpeg files. This tool reduces the image sizes up to 64%. With this tool, you can upload bulk images by initiating the drag and drop functionality. After completing the process, the images can directly be downloaded straight to your PC from where you can pick and use the relevant image. is a Yahoo’s vintage tool which is widely used to compress images. This tool is available online and anyone can use it. It can effectively optimize the images you have uploaded from your computer or mentioned them by their URLs. After using, a file which is too heavy to load is optimized and effectively reduced by its pixels. To make an image fast to load and pixel perfect, you can also count on another pixel perfect tool available free of cost over the web.


If you are looking for an online application which supports both image files like PNG, JPG & GIF and PDF files, then Shortpixel is the right platform for you. Website owners can use this web interface to optimize and compress up to 50 images at a time. The best part is it can optimize the image with the maximum file size of 10MB. You can register on this site for free and take utmost advantages by increasing the image quality.


JPEGmini is another one of the best image size optimizer tools. Users admire it for a specific reason as it provides two interfaces to apply image compressing. One is through the web and the other is through the desktop. The positive fact is that there are no limits to compress the images both for the size and number of images.

The Verdict:

Now, it is the right time to lift the website’s performance by optimizing the image quality. Listed are some of the favorite and optimal online image optimization tools that are broadly used for making the pictures light weighted and captivating. If you have enjoyed reading about these tools, you must be eager to use them as your ideal website image optimizer tools. Don’t delay in using the online tools as these can give your website the additional benefits.

Author Bio:

Tom Hardy has gained much experience while working as a web developer at Sparx IT Solutions: PSD to HTML Conversion Company. From time to time, he loves to share his experience and findings with a broader audience.