Frequently Asked Questions

iPiccy FAQ

Are you planning to integrate Flickr into iPiccy?

Sure! We are going to integrate several external photo services into our application, and Flickr is in our first priority.

Will you add a paint brush tool (“reverse effect”) to apply effects to specific areas of the photo?

It’s already on iPiccy. After selecting any effect just click on the small button with the brush icon on the upper left corner of the working area (on the same level with Undo/Redo buttons). You can click on “Revert mask” then, in order to reverse the current effect.

What about collages, working with multiple photos and layering (with blending modes)?

You have to enable Local Storage feature inside iPiccy to upload and store multiple photos. You can layer photos, text and stickers inside our Blender tool (tab with blue layers icon). Collage editor can be opened from the Photo Library tab.

We need Facial/Touch-Up/Portrait editing tools.

We have already added several facial editing tools under “Retouch” tab (check them out now!) and will add more like Sunless Tan, Blush, Eye Color, Lip Color, Highlights, Dodge and Burn in the next updates.


Are you going to add other languages?

Yes! If you have strong grammar/style skills and are willing to help us localize iPiccy to your native language – please contact us! We will be very appreciative of any help.

Are you going to add in a Premium subscription?

In order to give you all of the cool features and tools, maintain hosting servers, and constantly improve your photo editing experience, we are planning on adding Premium subscriptions.
We’ll notify everybody when it happens, via our Facebook, Google+, Flikr and Twitter pages.

Will I be able to use iPiccy commercially?

You can use iPiccy commercially right now! No Premium or any other account type needed. However, if you include elements created by services other than iPiccy- such as Fonts – your rights are restricted to non-commercial and personal use only. If you would like to use any of the fonts for commercial use, contact the owners for permission. (links to the owners will be available inside iPiccy soon)

The [some effect name] doesn’t work right (as on Picnik).

We can’t guarantee that all of our tools will be the same as on Picnik because we have no access to the Picnik program sources and team. We will do our best to achieve the perfect results and will be constantly updating our tools. If you want to help, send us your critics about the effect (how it works so far and what result you actually expect from it. This is better with image examples and comparisons) and we’ll try to tune it!

I was unable to save my edited picture because iPiccy crashed/freezes/closed my browser.

We really need your help to fix such kinds of bugs. Please send us the following details:

  • Resolution of edited photo.
  • Effects (and their settings) which were applied before the problem occurred.
  • How it was? (e.g. “iPiccy just freezes for 5 minutes” or “my internet browser shut down” etc.)
  • Did it happened once or several times in a row?

In order to fix it we have to exactly reproduce the problem, step by step. You can also send us the link to your photo in full resolution for testing purposes (if it is appropriate for you). We will not use it anywhere else and will delete it after testing.

You can record your editing process up to the problem and send us a link to the video. Screencast-o-Matic is one of the easiest and fastest way to record your on-screen activity and publish it on the web. Your video would helps us a lot.

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