Even sky is not the limit! With new iPiccy!

iPiccy has been updated once again! And we are proud to announce several new features.

Multiple photo uploading and storing

For this we decided to utilize a nice Adobe Flash Player feature which allows storage of some files on your hard drives. To use most of the new features (Blender, Collages, Photo restoring) you have to give iPiccy permission to store files on your hard drive. You will be asked to enable Local Storage at the iPiccy start page.

Blender Editor

Blender is an ultimate designer tool which allows you to layer photos, add text, stickers and even create your own vector shapes. Each layer has its own properties which you can change anytime.
You can cut off objects (remove background) from image layers with a vector mask. Text, stickers and vector shapes objects have advanced coloring options with gradients which will allow you to achieve outstanding results.

Collage creator

This makes beautiful photo collages from your photos. We have added basic and advanced collage templates there – and if you have a brilliant template idea – send it to us and we’ll add it to our collages list!

You can start a new collage in the Photo Library tab


New Tools

Basic Border (plus add the caption option)
Location: Frames tab
Museum Matte
Location: Frames tab
Mirror Frame
Location: Frames tab
Adjust Threshold
Location: Editor tab > Adjustments section
Location: Effects tab > Artistic section
Location: Effects tab > Color section
Location: Editor tab > Basicsection
Location: Effects tab > Artistic section
HDR Picture (the second version of HDR effect)
Location: Effects tab > Advanced section

General Changes

  • We have slightly improved the interface and maximized the iPiccy working area. We hope you’ll like how it looks so far!
  • Sharpen tool has got Clarity option
  • Several new fonts has been added. Will add more soon!
  • Revised a lot of tools and now iPiccy should work faster.
  • Even without photo restoration option (if you decide to not enable Local Storage feature) your work will be more secure from now.
  • iPiccy keeps EXIF photo data from now!
  • We have added new faster Jpeg and Png compressing¬† algorithms. Please let us know if it works wrong for you
  • Frames has been moved to the new own tab


Please, help us to test all of these features. If you notice something wrong while working on iPiccy, contact us, tell us about the problem and how we can reproduce it.

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