Make Any Picture A Coloring Page With iPiccy

Something wonderful that many people enjoyed as kids has recently come back into style for adults. Coloring books! So what better way to to celebrate that than to make some of your own coloring pages? Okay, a coloring page doesn’t have to be for you, but there are multiple reasons why you might want to make coloring pages. Maybe you’re babysitting and want to entertain some kids? Maybe you’re a teacher for young kids and want to save some of your budget? You could also just really like coloring (don’t worry, it’ll be our secret).

Step One: The Picture

First things first. You have to have the right picture. Generally speaking you can pick whatever picture you want, but I would suggest the less busy, and more sharp it is the better. However, it can be from whatever you want! Your favorite TV show, movie, book, or a photo of someone you know maybe.

We’ll use an extremely easy image to convert.

Step Two: Exposure

Use the exposure tool in the first tab to adjust your photo. When I say adjust your photo, I mean you want to make it as least busy as possible. Try and make colors defined and separated from each other, and not running into each other.

Step Three: Pencil Sketch Effect

There are a number of effects we can use to make your image look like a coloring page. However, the most important one and absolutely necessary is the Pencil Sketch Effect. This will turn your photos black and white, and predominantly takes out the filling colors, while leaving the lines to color inside of.

You’ll need to adjust the strength of the effect for your own needs. Some people prefer to have shadows in their coloring pages, some don’t, it’s up to you.

I adjusted the strength to a minimal effect to make to provide as much coloring space as possible. If you play with the slider you’ll notice that sometimes the shadows of lines become more prominent. This will be up to your own discretion.

Step Four: Emboss

If you emboss your image when it is just lines and white space, it will simply make the lines more pronounced.

That’s it! You’re done. Save your work and print it out, and you’ve got yourself a coloring page made in iPiccy!

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