7 Tips From Pro Graphic Designers For Beginners

7 Tips From Pro Graphic Designers For Beginners

Love to give life to your imagination? Then being a designer can be one of your best career choices. Even if not a career choice, it’s invaluable knowledge. Whether you are a businessman, student or an employee in any industry, knowledge of graphic designing would prove to be something worthy of you at some or other point of your life.

Moreover, graphic designing can be extremely overwhelming for the beginners who want to get into the world of creativity and uniqueness. Are you interested to do the same? Then, the website like can do wonders for you! Moreover, you shouldn’t expect to become a master within a couple of months. To learn such an innovative work, it takes time and practice.

But, not to worry! If you just keep some potential tips in your mind and work hard at it, you can become a graphic designer. Yes! I, myself, being into the profession for a long time, can vouch for the fact.

So, just read ahead and take the first step to become an outstanding graphic designer.

Here I go!

  • Create an inspirational collection

If you want to become a graphic designer, learning the designing basics and creating a catalog of such works that you think are inspiring enough is quite necessary. You can imitate and learn, as long as you credit and don’t plagiarize. Either bookmark the images in your web browser, save the items in a separate folder on your computer or create a Pinterest board. This would certainly help you recognize the past and present trends.

  • Come up with specific online search queries

When you would begin creating your own designs, it becomes relevant that you will hit some obstacles. Like, a sudden question in your mind, ‘How do I do this?’ There are quite fair chances that others too have wondered with the same question. So, you can just search for an answer in Google, Youtube, or any other search engine.

I am confidently referring to such a statement because during my early days of designing, I gained most of my technical design knowledge while watching various tutorials on the internet which I used to strictly follow.

Also, an expert web-designer friend of mine who designed the appealing website of CouponsMonk shared with me once that online searches were one of the significant ways to solve various queries during his early days of designing.

  • Observe and analyze properly

Don’t forget to keep a keen eye on whatever you are designing! You should ensure that each infographic, icon, shape etc. has been designed in the most masterful way that you could do. If you start developing better skills to analyze your own designs, then while going going through any specific design, you can guess which tools the pro designer have used for creating any particular element.

  • Alignment matters

A single line or an embellishment can boost the appeal of any of your particular design to the highest degree ever. Want to know why? Well, Symmetry is the answer to that! So, make sure that your designs are perfectly aligned and thus take your graphic designing to just another level!

  • Opt for the right fonts

Clarity is critical when it comes to designs. If you think that you could make a body text somewhat unclear to make the design visually more appealing then you are certainly wrong! In such a case, it will likely not come out well.

So, never use diverse typefaces in a single design even if you find the same mentioned in any guide. It’s because I can definitely ensure this fact from my experience that it doesn’t work 95% of the time!

The reason is that your viewers will be compelled to adjust their eyes to different styles and angles. Instead, variants of the same font will work better most of time.

  • Perfect color cohesion should be the aim

One of the most common problems that lies with the beginner designers is that they usually try to use every single color in one particular design to make it look vibrant. As a result, the creations turn out to be something which are full of colors like green, purple, yellow, red and what not!

But, the scenario should be something different if you want to make your designs look classy and wonderful. You need to have a better understanding of different shades of colors and finally choose the ones that complement each other in a subtle way.

  • Get feedback and acknowledge your criticisms 

You loved the designs that you have created? Well, that’s great! But, it is quite necessary at the same time to understand how would the world find it? So, if, as a beginner, you are not confident enough now to showcase it in front of the world then just ask for an honest opinion to any professional graphic designer whom you know. After that accept the compliments and if there is any criticism then embrace the same and use it for your betterment. This is absolutely imperative for any new designer to understand that there is always room for growth.

Coming to the end

So, what are you waiting for? Just follow these potential tips which are mentioned above, explore more, keep on designing and you would obviously end up becoming an expert in the near future.

Last but not the least, Wish you all the good luck!

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This is a guest post by Joseph from CouponsMonk