5 Pictures That Tell You Winter Is Coming

With Winter¬†officially just a few weeks away, it seems like a good idea to show some of the beauty the Winter season brings. Not everyone likes the cold, and that’s okay, but nobody can deny some of the beautiful scenes we see with the Winter season.

While no one likes snowfall on the roads preventing their commutes (unless you’re a kid, no school!) The beauty of snowfall and light dusting for the first time in Winter is simply always a sight to behold.


So what do you do with all that snow? You play in it! Whether it’s making snow angels, building snowmen, igloos, or sledding. There are so many wonderful and fun activities to do in the snow during Winter.


What’s the best way to warm up when you get inside after all that fun? Hot cocoa of course! Maybe you didn’t even venture outside into the cold, but who doesn’t love a wonderful cup of hot cocoa on a cold day?


You simply cannot forget the holidays that come with Winter either. A time to spend with families, and really celebrate giving, and humanity in general. I’m cheating a bit and counting these next three images as one!

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We can’t forget about new years either! A time for new beginnings or continuing to work at achieving our personal goals.


It is easy to hate Winter for being cold, maybe feeling to dreary, and being overall difficult in general. However, we can’t forget that when Winter is coming, and so are all these other wonderful things!

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