How to add Logo and Text to the picture

Step 1: Open iPiccy editor and upload your image (background) and the logo
Upload background and logo to iPiccy editor Tip: To open your image Double Click on it or press little gear button and choose "Edit" from menu.
Step 2: Open your main image then click on the Blender tab
Click the Blender Tab
Step 3: Open photo library and drag your logo to desired location
Add logo to the picture Tip: Select and move your Logo (or any other layer) with arrow keys (hold Shift while moving for stronger action). Use "+" and "-" keys on numeric keypad to scale the layer (hold Shift while scaling for stronger action)
Step 4: Add text layer and set its properties
Add text layer and set properties Tip: Select and experiment with Linear Gradient color option for greater results
Step 5: Merge all layers and close the Blender editor
Merge all layers and close the Blender Now you can save your photo in the "Save Photo" tab ( )