5 Pictures That Tell You Autumn Is Coming

With Autumn officially just around the corner, and our contest going on, it seemed like a good time to share some photos that capture the essence of Autumn. Autumn means crisp air, wonderful holidays, and a generally strong welcome for cooler weather.


Of course the universal symbol that everyone knows for the beautiful season of Fall is the changing of the leaves. Leaves turning red, orange, yellow, and everything in between gives us beautiful subjects, landscapes, and backgrounds.


And what happens with those leaves? They fall, and of course you have to play with them at that point. They’re just asking for it. Don’t forget to step on the crunchiest looking one!


Autumn also means cool crisper weather and you have to dress appropriately (hoodies, jackets, etc). Looking off into a pond that makes you look thoughtful and pensive is just a bonus.


Speaking of dressing approriately, can’t have Autumn without Halloween can you? A wonderful holiday with costumes, decorations, and of course candy! Simply put, a holiday that everyone of all ages can enjoy and have fun.


A giant cornucopia should tell you that Thanksgiving (my personal favorite holiday) is also not that far off. Autumn in and of itself is a wonderful cornucopia of different things. A changing of weather, a time for fun and silliness, and a time for family and thankfulness.

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