7 Amazing Postcard Templates for Photographers

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7 Amazing Postcard Templates for Photographers

A picture is worth a million words, which is why from times immemorial, photographs have held a place of importance in everyone’s lives. However, in this modern, technologically sound world, this is has definitely taken a twist. People these days use photo postcards to convey good wishes and other feelings to their loved ones. Even businesses make use of these to market their products and services. No wonder then that photographers these days need a steady supply of postcard templates to come up with unique designs. Well, there is really no dearth of such designs online.

Here is a list of 7 most amazing postcard templates that leading photographers vouch by.

  • Wedding Postcard Templates


These templates are available with varying designs and layout. You can find templates where you can add one picture or there are others where you can add in a number of photographs in varying shapes and sizes. These postcard templates usually come in handy when one of your customer’s places an order for postcards to inform his/her loved ones about the wedding and to thank them for attending it. However, if you are a specialized wedding photographer, you can also use this as a business letter template to inform your prospective clients about your services.

  • Holiday Postcard Template


In spite of internet and social media having taken the reins of our lives in their hands, a lot of people prefer to send personalized postcards to their loved ones during the holiday season. They usually hire you to do a photo session and then use these pictures to design a perfect holiday postcard. You can use this template for the purpose. The template has all the holiday bells and whistles. Thus, all you need to do is add the photograph. You can of course customize the template if need be.

  • Spa Marketing Postcard Template


When you acquire a project from a spa to design special postcards for them using the pictures you may have clicked, what you need is to design something that is creative and at the same time talks oodles about the spa and its services. The aforesaid template can do just that for you. Add in one large size photograph or design a collage of many to come up with a unique postcard design. You can change the fonts, color schemes and other details.

  • Marketing Postcard for Photographers


You work day in and day out helping other businesses to market their wares. However, you too need to market your services in order to gain more customers. This marketing postcard template will help you do just that. Pick some of your best pictures and add these to the template in form of a collage. This is a better choice as this will give your customers an idea about your skills and give them a sneak peek into your handiwork. Print the details of your services and other information on the other side and share it with all and sundry.

  • Business Postcard Template


When hired by a business organization to design a postcard that will help them market their products or services, a template with an attractive design and one that is extremely creative is necessary. You can use this to add in the pictures of the products that the organization deals in. It has a colorful layout that adds to the attractive quotient without being too flamboyant. This postcard can be used as a business letter template to offer detailed information of the business too.

  • Baby Postcard Template


Couples who have recently welcomed a baby are generally incredibly excited, and want to share the news. They usually do this by sending a photograph of the little one. However, you can suggest them to give this an interesting twist by designing the picture like a postcard so that they can write something to their loved one. This postcard template has a wide range of layouts to choose from and can help you to come up with a unique design. You can also change the typography and color scheme to give the whole postcard a novel appeal

  • Art Gallery Postcard Templates


Sometimes art galleries and artists prefer to send invitations for an upcoming event in a very unique way. So in these cases a postcard with a picture or pictures of some art can be an interesting idea. You can actually click some images of the arts to be displayed and then arrange these on the template to form a perfect invitation postcard. With a wide range of typography, color schemes and layout designs to choose from, your task of coming up with a new design actually gets simplified.

Picture postcards have always been in vogue. Personalized postcards definitely help in adding a warm touch to the most mundane of event. With these amazing postcard templates, you can actually give your photographs a new leash of life and in the bargain impress your customers.

These templates have been designed to allow changes, so do as you please. Worried about not being a technical whiz kid? Just remember that you really don’t need any high end training to use these templates. So, what are you waiting for? Start with these postcard templates to come up with amazing picture postcards, here are some printable post card samples to get you started.

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