Make Your Own Wallpaper Exactly How You Imagine It

Make Your Own Wallpaper Exactly How You Imagine It

iPiccy is here to help and give you the tools and skills you need to make beautiful wallpapers!

Collage Maker? Wallpaper editor? Why not make your own wallpaper! That is just what you'll do with iPiccy Photo Editor. You can start from scratch, or you can find a picture you like on the internet and work from there. Whatever you want your background to represent, it can with iPiccy Photo Editor. So show off your fandom, your sports team, your celebrity crush, it doesn't matter! It can be anything when you use iPiccy. The only thing limiting you is what you can imagine and the time to put it together. The potential is out of this world and it all starts with you and iPiccy.
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How Does iPiccy Help Make Wallpapers?

iPiccy provides the basic editor as well as the Designer Tab.

The basic editor will allow you to do things like crop, resize, erase, and color adjustments. This is where you'll find most of your actual photo editing. This is simply the basic editor, there are a ton of more options in effects, frames, and other tabs. The Designer is the strongest tool that iPiccy has to provide. It will allow you to layer pictures, vector mask, or add stickers to your pictures. This can let you combine pictures and really add style and flavor to your photo that other wallpaper makers don't provide. This doesn't even begin to mention the fact that you can create a collage of photos for your wallpaper.

Make A Wallpaper

It's difficult to give you instructions on how to make a wallpaper, because there are so many possible options. However, I suggest with downloading a base photo to work with. Something you would very much enjoy having as the background as is, and we're going to make it even better.

Step 1) Upload your photo to iPiccy Photo Editor in the Designer.
Step 2) Add whatever you want! Text, layers, stickers, it's your choice in the designer.
Step 3) Save your photo! You're done.

OPTIONAL STEPS: After you've saved your wallpaper, you can reupload it into the basic editor and adjust colors, add effects, textures, or frames!

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Collages Make Special Wallpapers

One way to make a sensational wallpaper is making a collage of your own memories and experiences! A collage can stir a ton of emotions quickly. Nostalgia, reverence, happiness, and everything in between. This is done by uploading multiple photos into iPiccy's collage maker and simply arranging them however you want. Collages have incredible potential, and so does your imagination, so put them both to work and make yourself an amazing wallpaper!

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